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A fragrance of gardenia

8 Jan

Woke up in a subtle fragrance of gardenia which reminded of the poet-saint Jnaneshwar whose famous prayer I listened to almost every day when I was studying hinduism in an ashram decades ago. The music was exquisite as well. Couldn’t find it. but found the healing words of the poet-saint in Wikipedia: 



Dnyaneshwar wrote the Pasayadan which is a prayer for the well being of the people. Pasaydan is included at the end of the Dynaneshwari.Sant Dnyaneshwar completed his work on Shrimad Bhagavad Gita called as Dnyaneshwari which has 9000 Ovis(Shlokas). Pasayadan is an 9 shloka work composed and included at end of Dnyaneshwari’s 18 Chapter. Pasayadan describes essence of this 9000 shlokas.

Pasayadana (Shlokas 1794 ta o 1802)

आता विश्वात्मकें देवें । येणे वाग्यज्ञें तोषावें । तोषोनिं मज ज्ञावे । पसायदान हें ॥1॥

May the Self of the universe be pleased with this sacrifice of words and bestow His grace on me.

जें खळांची व्यंकटी सांडो । तया सत्कर्मी- रती वाढो । भूतां परस्परे पडो । मैत्र जीवाचें ॥2॥

May the sinners commit evil deeds no longer, may their desire for righteous deeds be increased, and may all beings live in harmony with each-other.

दुरितांचे तिमिर जावो । विश्व स्वधर्म सूर्यें पाहो । जो जे वांच्छिल तो तें लाहो । प्राणिजात ॥3॥

May the darkness of sin disappear, and the world see the rising of the sun of righteousness(nature of self), and may the desires of all creatures be satisfied.

वर्षत सकळ मंगळी । ईश्वरनिष्ठांची मांदियाळी । अनवरत भूमंडळी । भेटतु भूतां ॥4॥

May everyone keep the company of saints devoted to God, who will shower their blessings on them.

चलां कल्पतरूंचे आरव । चेतना चिंतामणींचें गाव । बोलते जे अर्णव । पीयूषाचे ॥5॥

Saints are walking gardens filled with wish-fulfilling trees, and they are living villages of wish-fulfilling gems. Their words are like oceans of nectar.

चंद्र्मे जे अलांछ्न । मार्तंड जे तापहीन । ते सर्वांही सदा सज्जन । सोयरे होतु ॥6॥

They are moons without blemish and suns without heat. May these saints be the friends of all people.

किंबहुना सर्व सुखी । पूर्ण होऊनि तिन्हीं लोकी । भजिजो आदिपुरुखी । अखंडित ॥7॥

May everyone in all the worlds be filled with joy, and may worship God forever.

आणि ग्रंथोपजीविये । विशेषीं लोकीं इयें । दृष्टादृष्ट विजयें । होआवे जी ।|8॥

May all those for whom this book is,their very life be blessed with success in this world and the next.

येथ म्हणे श्री विश्वेशराओ । हा होईल दान पसावो । येणें वरें ज्ञानदेवो । सुखिया जाला ॥9॥

Then,Nivruttinath, the great Master(hence the god)said that this blessing will be granted. This brought great joy to Dnyaneshwar.


Complete Dnyaneshwari is available at Complete information about Dnyaneshwar’s palkhi (palanquin) is available at